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Asmara Dior

exceltravel- July 5, 2017

ASMARA DIOR & CO, LLC is a cosmetics and skincare brand with a touch of class and elegance. The cosmetics label is set to take ...


exceltravel- June 6, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KELDAMUZIK VENTURES INTO NEW WATERS Recording artist Kelda's latest projects in the modeling, public speaking, and film industries Internationally recognized ...

African Home Decor

exceltravel- June 1, 2017

These are pictures of African home decor and interior designs. Be inspired.

Sports in South Africa

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

Sport in South Africa has and always will unite people from every walk of life. Who will forget that momentous occasion in 1995 when we ...

Tunisia Interior Designers and Decorators

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can ...

The Beauty of Tanzania

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

Tanzania is amongst one of the top African countries known for its many historical sites, game reserves, sandy beaches and fantastic natural environment. The country ...

Sports in Mauritius

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

If you are looking at going to Mauritius for a kite surfing holiday, the south east is where you want to aim. The amazing shoreline ...