Category: Clothing

FashPhiletta Designs

exceltravel- October 30, 2017

FashPhiletta Designs Runway Debut at 2017 Diaspora Showcase Africa At the award-winning Diaspora Showcase Africa in Tucson Arizona, high fashion models commanded the runway in ...

Thabo Makhetha

exceltravel- August 21, 2017

Clothing Designers: Ruff Tung, Thabo Makhetha & Aya Goods Photographer: Sibulelo Tsholoba Make up: Nelly November Styling: Thabo Makhetha & Tobiey Mkhize Accessories: Nam Jewelry, ...

Chad clothing

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

Chad clothing includes traditionally Arab attire such as long robes called Jalabiyas. Muslim women dress modestly in head to toe robes.  Non-Muslims, women wear wraps ...

Traditional dress of Mauritania

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

Traditional dress of Mauritanian woman is a cover from head to heel which normally comes in cotton and embellished with geometric patterns. While for Mauritanian ...

Tanzanian Khanga

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

The kanga (or khanga) is a traditional cotton cloth worn by African women mainly by women in Tanzania and East Africa.  Khanga is the Swahili ...

Ethiopian Clothing

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

The country's varied climate clearly influences Ethiopians' style of dress. Cool temperatures in Ethiopia's highlands dictate heavier clothing such as wraparound blankets, while the country's ...

Senegalese Fashion

Excel Magazine- May 31, 2017

Senegalese fashion is made of cotton fabrics and eye-catching embroidery with splashes of color.