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Excel Travel & Style Magazine features traditional food and cuisine as well as innovative food trends with emphasis on Africa and the Caribbean. We highlight food from each country in Africa, include recipes, food preparation tips, and suggest high restaurants for tourists to visit when traveling to various African countries.


exceltravel- June 4, 2017

Intriguing Tunisia The sliver of a country on the coast of North Africa is a Mediterranean dream. Sea breezes wafting inland, toward the sweet smell ...


exceltravel- June 4, 2017

Alluring Sudan A land of Gods previously, with desert strewn across it Sudan is an interesting destination of choice. A meeting of the Nile River, ...


exceltravel- June 4, 2017

The thrill of the desert in Morocco Morocco is a desert oasis that has gained popularity in recent years. Luxury in the desert, Morocco is ...


exceltravel- June 4, 2017

Enchanting Egypt Egypt has always been a popular tourist destination in Africa, because of its history of civilisation, flowing Nile River and a landscape of ...


exceltravel- June 4, 2017

The Land of History - Algeria A popular choice for European tourists -  Algeria is a mix of history, architecture and cultural infusions. With the ...

West African Cuisine

exceltravel- April 14, 2017

A fusion of smells will engulf you on arrival in West African countries.  Lots of spices are used in their cooking, of which curry, ginger, ...