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Travel to Africa – The Jewel Of The World

An explosion of color, sounds, smells and variety will overwhelm you once you step off the plane on your first visit to this diverse but breathtakingly beautiful continent.  Africa is simply like no other continent and to coin a phrase, “Expect the Unexpected”.   It will blow you away!

You will not leave this phenomenal continent untouched by its beauty and wonderful people.  Unfortunately the international news tends to focus on reporting the negative aspects associated with Africa.  Things like political instability, safety, corruption and the like cause uncertainty and unwarranted hesitation for those wishing to visit the continent. However the raw beauty, magnificent scenery and uplifting experiences found for instance at the cradle of humankind should not be missed.

Africa is rich in culture and history, the continent where humankind originated from.  You can still visit ancient villages where time stood still and people live in the primitive ways from years gone past. You will also experience modern, sophisticated and prospering cities in most African countries.

The diversity in culture in Africa is especially apparent in the variety of traditional dress and hairstyles of the different tribes inhabiting this amazing continent.  

Safety is relevant like in all countries worldwide, none more so than in Africa. There are most definitely dangerous places which should be avoided like anywhere else in the world, and with a little bit of research on the regions / countries one intends visiting that problem can easily be overcome.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and consists of 54 diverse countries. Each country has its own appeal and special attractions.

In conclusion Africa has a magic and magnetism which will draw you back time and again because it will leave a footprint in your heart, mind and soul!

In this issue of Excel Travel & Style magazine, we explore different countries within the continent of Africa and provide you with information regarding tourist attractions, cuisine / food, the latest fashion trends, hairstyles and hair care.  We will not only provide you with travel tips, but also tell you more about the country you intend visiting and – wait for this – information about a fashion / interior designer per region!

Kimma Wreh
Co-Publisher & Editor-In-Chief
Excel Travel & Style Magazine

Kimma Wreh